The Grand Galleries are a great opportunity for area artists to gain more exposure as well as offer enrichment and enjoyment to patrons, performing artists, artistic partners and staff.

The Grand is actively seeking artists to exhibit their work during the coming year. Along with the opportunity to show for the month, artists will also take part in the City of Wilmington's Art on the Town, also known as the "Art Loop" on first Fridays.

For artists interested in exhibiting their work at The Grand, download an application here.

Download guidelines for exhibiting at The Grand Galleries.

Copeland Hall Gallery
Copeland Hall Gallery

April Exhibit: Jennifer Weigel, “Natural Beauty: Trees, Intimate Portraits and StoneSpeak”

About the Artist: Weigel utilizes a wide range of media to convey her ideas and has recently been focusing on photography. Much of her photography touches on beauty, details, patterns, and textures in nature. Weigel’s art has been exhibited nationally and has won numerous awards.

Photography Artist’s Statement: I have always photographed things that catch my eye, especially the more mundane or overlooked those things are. I am particularly drawn to patterns, textures and details of nature. When printing on alternative materials, each photograph is printed as an original one-of-a-kind work in a unique edition of only one.

About Trees, Intimate Portraits: The tree portraits are an ongoing series of close up photographs of tree bark. I love how much history is captured in and conveyed through the outer  skin. The surface is armor designed to protect the soft tissue within and to add structure & rigidity. Worn with time, it renews itself while still bearing witness to its past. Scars, burls, peeling paper bark, lichen, insect & animal markings, and signs of human presence each offer a different sense of connection, casting each tree as a unique individual and revealing age, beauty, and hardship.

About StoneSpeak: Stone has an innate eternal presence that draws us to it. We surround ourselves with rock, using stones and pebbles in landscaping, building walls, paths & structures, and even creating new materials by grinding them to dust and reconstituting them into our desired molds. We mark our passing with stones, as monuments to history and to demarcate gravesites and other significances. Naturally occurring rock piles seem to have a welcoming quality inviting interaction; people nestle rocks into cairns & other structures, pile beach stones into formations to see how tall they can be made to balance, and leave pebbles balanced on significant sites.



Baby Grand Gallery
Baby Grand Gallery

April Exhibit: Lauren E. Peters

Lauren E. Peters is a studio artist at the Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington. Her paintings address the fluidity and multifaceted nature of identity through self-portraiture. Each piece is based on a single photograph, utilizing a variety of costumes and props to switch between various personas. One year ago the initial paintings in this series premiered in the Hatch Gallery at the Delaware Contemporary. Peters has continued to develop this concept, striving to expose the relationships between superficial appearances and inner truths. She hopes that you will join her in taking the time to consider not only how you see the artist through her work, but the way you see yourself.